About the Lahaina Restoration Foundation

Lahaina Restoration Foundation is a 501(c)3 Hawai‘i nonprofit organization chartered in 1962. Its mission is to be stewards and storytellers of Lahaina’s Historic & Cultural Heritage. We envision a community that engages with us in preserving and protecting Lahaina’s Hawaiian & Historic Sense of Place.

LRF has restored and preserved more than one dozen landmarks and historic structures in Lahaina. LRF maintains several collections of artifacts, photographs, manuscripts, maps, logs and other materials representative of Lahaina’s colorful past. These collections are available to the public and researchers by request.

LRF manages and maintains the Baldwin Home Museum, Hale Pa‘i Printing Museum, Lahaina Heritage Museum, Old Lahaina Prison, Plantation Museum, Pioneer Mill Smokestack & Locomotives Exhibit and Wo Hing Museum, which are open to the public. Other structures under LRF protection are Masters’ Reading Room, Lahaina Lighthouse, Hale Aloha, Seamen’s Hospital and Plantation House, and the Agawa Home. LRF oversees operation and maintenance of Old Lahaina Courthouse and Banyan Tree Park along with other public spaces in Lahaina’s historic districts. Additionally, LRF maintains the interpretive signs along the Lahaina Historic Trail and produces a brochure-map of the Lahaina Historic Trail.

The heritage of Lahaina is worth preserving. Join the members of Lahaina Restoration Foundation today and help protect Lahaina’s rich and varied history.

image of Lahaina from the late 1800's

Board of Directors 2023

David Allaire, President
Ekolu Lindsey, Vice President
Ron Kawahara, Treasurer
Louisa Shelton, Secretary

Edward Baldwin
Bunt Burkhalter
Kainoa Casco
Riley Coon
Ginger Gannon
James Geiger
Lori Gomez-Karinen
Brooke Guth
Leslie Hiraga
Andrew Kutsunai
Tim Lara
Peter Martin
Kailani Ross
Lori Sablas
Donna Soares
Connie Sutherland
Penny Wakida

Download our current 990 financial statement HERE.

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