For the benefit of both our residents and visitors and in cooperation with others, we strive to faithfully restore, maintain and interpret the physical, historical and cultural legacies of Lahaina, Maui, first capital of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.
About Lahaina Restoration Foundation
Lahaina Restoration Foundation is a 501c(3) Hawai'i nonprofit organization chartered in 1962. Its purpose is to cooperate with all community-oriented interests in an effort to restore, maintain and preserve the physical and cultural legacies and history of the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

The success of Lahaina Restoration Foundation (LRF) from its inception and into the third millennium lies largely in the guiding power of the Board of Directors. These individuals have been selected to serve the Foundation based upon their experience and abilities in areas of business, community and environmental interests.
LRF oversees and maintains 14 major historic structures in Lahaina. LRF was a member of the Lahaina Interpretive Planning Team. LRF maintains several collections of artifacts, manuscripts, maps, photographs, logs and other materials representative of Lahaina's rich history. These collections are available to the public and researchers by request.
LRF operates and maintains the Baldwin Home Museum, Hale Pa'i Printing Museum, Lahaina Heritage Museum, Wo Hing Museum, Old Lahaina Prison, Plantation Museum and Pioneer Mill Smokestack & Locomotives Exhibit, which are open to the public. LRF oversees and maintains the Old Lahaina Courthouse and Banyan Tree Park, along with other public spaces in Lahaina's historic districts.
The heritage of Lahaina is worth preserving. Become a Friend of Lahaina Restoration Foundation today and help protect Lahaina's rich and varied history.