For the benefit of both our residents and visitors, and in cooperation with others we strive to faithfully restore, maintain and interpret the physical, historical, and cultural legacy of Lahaina, Maui, first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii.
The Lahaina Courthouse

Constructed in 1859, much of the material used in the construction of the original Courthouse came from King Kamehameha III's palace (Hale Piula) that was destroyed during the Kauaula wind of 1858..

A report was made to the U.S. Interior Department recommending that the timber and stones from the wreckage be used to construct a new Customs and Courthouse on the site of the Old Fort. As a result, an appropriation of $6,000 was provided for the Lahaina Court and Customs House. The new building contained a Custom-House, a Post-Office, a Collector’s Office including a Money Vault, an office for the Governor of Maui, a Police Court, a Courtroom, and offices for the Sherriff and the District Attorney.

In 1925, the Maui County Government provided restoration work for the Courthouse building which included a new gabled roof, the present entrance and a second floor balcony. This building functioned for almost 65 years, where upon the County of Maui funded a major restoration to the Old Lahaina Courthouse. Once the restoration was completed, a management and maintenance agreement was signed between the County and the Lahaina Restoration Foundation.

This agreement plus 20 year agreements made between the Lahaina Restoration Foundation and the County of Maui for Hale Aloha and Hale Pa’ahao wherein the LRF restored these sites at its own expense and all rents or fees collected from them are held in trust restricted to the support of both sites have been heralded as benchmark agreements between government and private foundations creating a synergistic policy for greater historic preservation.